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Peek into My Book: Never Too Late Murder Mystery

Does it sound a little strange that a character like Chile Charlie should embark on murder mystery business? It is not only correct, but he has researched this change to its fullest. He is now on his way in his El Cameo truck to Madrid, New Mexico, to see if he can solve the mystery…

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Book Review by the Book Faerie: When is It Too Late?

Thank you for the book review, Jo Ann, the Book Faerie! This morning on June 23, 2021, Jo Ann, the Book Faerie, published a wonderful and thoughtful book review on my book “When is It Too Late?: An Unsolved Mystery” on her blog. The Book Faerie is a home-based book reviewer and a bookseller that…

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Blog This is the product of overcoming the fear of writing and publishing! George Pintar's first published book.

My Fear of Writing and Publishing: Overcoming Them

After years of fear of the complicated English language, the need to get my thoughts on paper finally surfaced. My autobiography was the first to be put on the chopping block. After five years and so many revisions that will put the Presidential State of the Union Address to shame; My autobiography got some legs.…

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